Why you should hire an IT company to provide your security system

So you’ve just expanded your business and you’ve moved from a tiny office on Main Street to a huge warehouse style building in the industrial section of town. You’ve gone from fifty employees to five hundred and you had to get computers and printers for each of them. All of a sudden, security is a concern and you need a security system that is cost effective, worry free and practical. It might be in your best interest to have an IT company take care of your security needs.

You could install your own video surveillance cameras; after all they are very inexpensive. However these video surveillance cameras often render very poor quality images. Often times it is hard to identify a person in these kinds of videos and the security recordings are often not admissible in court. Security cameras often have poor sound quality and audio recordings can be very important when trying to catch a thief.

When an employer is dealing with an instance of an employee committing a crime or doing something that violates company policy, getting a clear image of them can be critical as a part of the termination process. You wouldn’t want them to be able to file for unemployment or sue you for wrongful termination.

Hiring a security company can be both costly and risky. In spite of paying thousands of dollars a month for a guard to patrol the facility, you don’t really know anything about the person who is responsible for guarding your property. There is a great deal of turnover in the world of professional security and you never really know whose watching your business from day to day. Furthermore, many security companies provide armed guards and you wouldn’t want to be liable for any accidents that could result from such a situation.

A Professional IT company can provide a reasonably priced and reliable security service by using high definition cameras that have the capability to recognizes faces, record sound and capture license plate information. High definition video surveillance can be the perfect solution to the security needs of both office buildings and residential properties.

It is important to find a company that provides highly trained IT professionals as well as having the most sophisticated types of security cameras. Many IT companies provide video surveillance at a reasonable price and have IT experts to assist their customers. In addition to providing video security an IT company can also provide virus protection, firewalls and data security. Protecting employees and customers from identity theft has become one of the biggest security concerns in the world.

A good IT company can provide one stop shopping for a company in need of a security program. When selecting a company make sure to select one that has been in business for a while, serves a diverse clientele and can handle all of your security needs. With a little bit of shopping around, you are sure to find a company that will let you stop worrying and concentrate on running your business. Metro Networks, however is a one stop shop and is here to help! Call (559) 492-5985 or email BHrdlicka@metronetllc.com us today for your FREE network assessment and we’ll let you know how you can optimize day to day business.

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