Security doesn’t have to be confusing, here’s how it works. Think of a secure network the way you think of securing your home. There are actions we take to keep unwanted people out such as putting up fences, having a guard dog or alarm system, and if things get a little more complex, we can call the police to take action. Multi-layered security works in a very similar way.

Firewall ProtectionAnti-Virus ProtectionAnti-Malware Protection
Firewall protection acts much like a fence does around your house; it acts as a barrier to keep unsecure things from entering in. It is basically a filter between your network and the Internet. You can program what you want to go in and out, and everything else that doesn’t meet your programmed criteria is not allowed. A firewall protects your computer from approximately 85% of threats.Anti-virus protection is similar to having a guard dog or alarm system. Nothing is 100% guaranteed, so if something malicious penetrates through the fence, or firewall protection, having anti-virus protection will work to provide your system deeper protection. Antivirus runs in the background on your computer and checks every file you open before it opens.Malware protection helps with more advanced or complex dangers, much like a police officer does if you feel threatened at your home. If the guard dog, or anti-virus protection, can’t recognize the threat, malware protection takes over. Anti-malware programs do a few things: they detect malware on your computer, safely remove it, and clean up any of the damage that the malware may have caused.

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