There are various Hosted Cloud base email filtering systems out there. You cannot always be sure which one is best. Sometimes you even have to try out different ones until you get the results you are looking for.

What if I told you Metro Networks can help you save time trying to find which system would be best for you. Luckily that is exactly why Metro is creating this blog post. No need to do the research, we already did.

The difference between most email filtering systems and The Email Laundry is that they are continuously researching and developing the best coding to keep their product as the best option. Meanwhile, The Email Laundry prides themselves on consistency and efficiency. They use their own in-house code that is prepared to predict analytics, facilitates impersonation detection, and developed threat intelligence. This allows them to be proactive to early threats against ransomware, phishing, cyber-criminal activity and so on. Customer support is offered 24/7 with a fully knowledgeable and problem-solving team. The Email Laundry was created in Ireland but offered and serviced worldwide. Not only is the customer service excellent but their product is top notch.

The Email Laundry provides use line encryption, security policies, content and connection filtering, security feeds and threat Intel. Artificial intelligence is no match for The Email Laundry. It was created to stop it dead in its tracks. They even have three encryption option created to prevent hacking!

  1. PDF encrypted email

  2. Secure Portal Encryption – perfect of HIPPA Compliance

  3. TLS encryption

If security is what you are seeking, The Email Laundry is for the keeping. Metro Networks can fully equip your company with this security feature and answer any questions you may have regarding its performance and efficiency. Metro Networks strives to keep you safe, and utilizes the best that information technology has to offer. You can reach us at or 559-492-5985.

The Email Laundry