The IT world is always coming out with new “protection software.”

  1. How do we know which one is the best?
  2. What separates them from each other?
  3. What is on the rise now?

You always need to do your research! Find which one works best for you to meet your company’s needs. On top of doing your research and comparing/contrasting the ones you like the most, look at the reviews to see which one consumers like the most, and is most effective.

What does Metro like the most?

Personally, we vote for Cylance.  Cylance prevention protection provides a proactive security protection, reduces system downtime, and prevents silent attacks by 99.9%. ( In order to provide excellent security, Cylance develops comprehensive solutions, integrates practice, and provides excellent customer service with Cylance Expertise. ( Their detection time is so fast that a virus or malware cannot even get your data or on to your computer! It is almost like a motion sensor that goes off even if there is just a strong wind. Cylance lets you know something maybe coming so that you can protect yourself.

There are machines out there known as “artificial intelligence” that replicate human practices in order to steal data, hack systems, and Ransom your hardware. (Jim Goodnight) IT has become so advance that it can literally mimic a human mind and actions to put it in layman’s terms. This new age of technology has been a blessing but clearly as we see, technology comes with its own string of negative consequences. Who knew that the movie “Terminator” would one day be a real threat? This is exactly why Cylance was created, to stop IT Chaos before it starts.

Please call Metro Networks to assist you in learning more about the Cylance! Not only can we inform you about the product BUT we can help you to acquire this safety asset at your fingertips.
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