The Benefits Of A Hosted Workspace

Now-a-days people are always on the go in both their personal and professional lives.No matter if one is caught in traffic, sitting in a dentist waiting room or having many cups of coffee in an airport restaurant, while waiting for that delayed flight, most of us are always in motion.

Unfortunately, no matter where one may be, business waits for no man and important meetings, decisions and deals may have to be made at any time whether a worker is on a train, at a soccer match of just simply working from home that day. The speed and transients of our world makes the hosted workspace a must in today’s business environment. A hosted workspace is a desktop environment enabled from a remote server. There are many ways that the technology can benefit a business.

One of the best things about a hosted workspace is that it offers virtual technology that can be used from any device that a company chooses to approve. That means workers no longer have to be in the office to access the exact same desktop they would see at the office.

Being able to see the same desktop as workers in the office makes things like training, meetings and project coordination a breeze. A manager can tell a worker exactly where to find important documentation on the very desktop with which that worker is already familiar.

Not only does the desktop look the same, but the kinds of technical difficulties traditionally experienced by at home workers are a thing of the past. One never has to worry about Incompatible software or lost power cords preventing workers from meeting their deadlines.

Making sure work gets done on time is a major advantage to the hosted workspace. A worker can start writing a report at work, finish it on a laptop while keeping that lunch reservation and edit it on a smartphone on the train ride home. With all the tools a worker needs provided on any device he or she has access to, there is no longer an excuse for not getting work done on time.

Hosted workspaces also work well with Thin Clients. A Thin Client is a stateless, fan-less desktop terminal that has no hard drive. Many small and expanding companies are using them these days. Thin Clients are a lot less expensive to maintain and just need enough power to run the desktop.

The first thing a business manager worries about when sending works home to their own devices is, of course security. It is only natural to be fearful that someone might download a virus without a manager around to help.

Fear not, hosted workspaces have built in virus protection as well as built-in data protection. It is also possible to monitor exactly what workers are doing when they go on their virtual desktop. 

Switching over to a new system, no matter how good it is can be very vexing. A company needs the assistance of a good IT professional to help them make a smooth transition. Metro Networks can help your company set up, choose and maintain a hosted workspace. Feel free to call our IT Specialist for an estimate at 559-492-5985.

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