Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

If you have Windows 8, you have probably been getting a lot of pop-up ads offering you a free upgrade to Windows 10. You may be hesitant to try it, as you know that much can go wrong with new operating systems. Data can be lost, some of your software may not work with it and it may be more trouble than it is worth. The decision may be especially vexing for companies who rely on employees working from home from their personal PCs. You may wonder if it is a good idea to tell them to upgrade or to insist that they wait. There are several things to consider before taking advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade.

What is your current operating system?

Windows 8 and 8.1 are different from other PC operating systems in that they were designed with a touch screen in mind such as one might find on a cell phone or tablet. Windows 7 was designed to operate a conventional PC Desktop.

Windows 10 is designed for touch screens and is essentially a perfected version of windows 8/8.1. If you are currently using a Windows 8.1 system, the actual upgrade itself should make for a fairly smooth transition. If you are using Windows 8 you will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and then upgrade to Windows 10. If you are using a Windows 7 system, you may want to consult with an IT expert before taking advantage of Windows free offer, to make sure that it will work on your current computers and run all the software you need.

What are the advantages of the new system?

Window’s 10 offers some apps that were not available on its previous operating systems. Windows 10 has a new start menu and people can use their applications side by side in windowed form on the desktop.

Window’s 10 also has a technology called Continuum which will make the transition between desktop mode and tablet mode less frustrating.

How much control will you have over the new system?

No matter what kind of operating system you may have now, upgrades to the system are optional; this is not the case with Windows 10. That’s right; once you’ve got Windows 10 Microsoft will decide when your operating system is updated. Upgrading your system can affect the way your apps and programs work on your computer.

It is very important to have an IT expert analyze your business needs and help you decide whether or not it is in the best interest of your company to let another company make updating decisions for your business.

Do I have to upgrade right away?

The good news is you have an entire year to upgrade to Windows 10. If you upgrade before that and don’t like it, you will have one month to switch back for free. Microsoft will continue to make improvements to the new system over the course of the year, so it may be in your best interest to wait and see what the next few months will bring.

In any case you want to make an informed decision when it comes to upgrading to any new technology. Be sure to read blog posts and reviews of the new technology over the next year to see what challenges other professionals are facing.

It is important to get a professional opinion when you are upgrading to any new system. An IT expert can analyze the benefits and pitfalls of a system.

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