The New Ransomware

    We know about Ransomware, but now there’s something, even more, mean, a data encrypting machine, dubbed the name Bad Rabbit. It reared its ugly head for the first time October 24, 2017, in Russia and in the Ukraine. Originally gaining its start at a tax provider’s office, which is now under investigation.

This malware consists of a list of hardcoded window credentials and it disguises itself as a Flash update identical to NotPetya or WannaCry Ransomware. It would manually have to be downloaded by the user into a .exe file, in turn encrypting the entire system. The system freezes as does the files, demanding a $280 ransom in bitcoin to release the system. Unlike NotPetya, once the ransom is paid, Bad Rabbit will provide the password to decrypt the system. However, it is a chance of risk.

Fortunately, there was a quick response in action to stop the Bad Rabbit from spreading on a larger scale. The Russian cyber security team was able to track it down and stop it from spreading throughout the world. In like manner, the US Cyber Security team also issued a warning.

Precautions are necessary

We want companies to be aware and informed! There are several steps you can take to protect your companies’ information. The first step to preparedness is knowledge. Become familiar with Ransomware and its various forms. Next, always update your computers, reboot them or turn them off when you leave the office. You can back up your files using a hard drive or on to the cloud. PLEASE, DO NOT open suspicious emails. Ensure your firewall is up to date, implement anti-virus software, enable spam filtering, and issue a network sandbox.

CNN stated, “Bad Rabbit is a sophisticated form of Ransomware, and not an amateur as it initially was thought to be.” Thus, you want to take every precaution necessary. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you would like more information on how to protect your system, do not hesitate to call Metro Networks at 559-492-5985.