Computers are puzzling things. They can make the life of a business person much easier by performing calculations, storing data, organizing files and setting appointments for business people. They can also lose data, enable employees to screw up calculations with the push of a button and crash right before an important meeting; losing all the spreadsheets and power point presentations that were made for the meeting in the process. In order to avoid the problems of lost data and slow running systems, it is critical to have a good computer network monitoring system in place. A network monitoring system can let you know when your hardware needs to be replacedor tuned up, identify when you are running low on drive space and let you know if your virus protection is working. An IT company can assist you with creating a network monitoring system that is right for your business and can save you a great deal of head and wallet aches.

When a problem is detected with your software or hardware, a network monitoring system will notify your IT administrator in the form of an alert. In some cases your employees may just need to allow a system to complete updates, which is something that can normally be accomplished by rebooting computers or the server and waiting a few minutes. In other cases you may have a serious problem which will require the assistance of an IT expert. In either case these notifications can save you a lot of time if you pay attention to the update. Network monitoring can also help an administrator troubleshoot. You will be able to find out where certain problems are coming from if you have a monitoring system in place.

This can allow your network administrator to fix small problems before they become big ones. If an accident does happen a computer monitoring system can aid in a disaster relief program. If you have lost data due to a crash, your monitoring system can help you find out where that data may be stored and what might have been lost. A good computer monitoring system can predict problems by identifying trends in your system. If your network administrator is constantly getting the same alert about the same piece of software it may be time to replace that piece of software. It can also alert you as to how much disk space you have available. Having enough disk space can greatly affect your ability to store data. It can also affect the speed at which the computers in your office work. Nothing is worse for productivity, morale or profitability than a slow computer.

Another thing that computer monitoring can do is tell you the average memory and processor utilization of your key CPU systems. It is very important to stay on top of how much memory your computer system has, as you don’t want to be caught without enough memory at an inopportune moment.

You probably already have virus protection and firewalls, but they won’t do you any good if they are not working. A computer monitoring system can let you know if your protection is good enough or if it is time for an upgrade.

You will want to hire a reliable, well established IT company to handle your computer monitoring. Metro’s IT Consultant team can assist you with creating a practical and affordable network monitoring system.   Call us today for a free network assessment our number is, 559-492-5985.