Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

Video surveillance is now an important reality for residential and commercial properties and offices.

The recent passage of Proposition 47 in California has reduced many felonies to misdemeanors.  Nearly 5,000 felons are being released from California prisons.  The California Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that there will be 40,000 fewer criminals going to prison each year than in the past.  That will greatly impact our communities.

Video Surveillance Sign

Security cameras can be a deterrent to burglary and/or the means to capture those who commit crimes on your property.

Security Monitoring Systems

Employers may elect to install cameras to watch and video record employees or those who visit your place of business.

Anyone can install a video camera.

How many times have news broadcasts shown that a camera has captured someone breaking into a building, but the camera failed to provide a clear image of the face or even the sex of the intruder? Many of these businesses are hit again and again by the same criminals.

axis-logoMetro’s team is certified in the installation and use of Axis cameras.

Axis is an excellent surveillance product with a wide selection of cameras that provide the best video coverage, including facial and license plate recognition, regardless of lighting or environment.

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