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IT for medical services allow any medical office to be HIPAA compliant.

Metro Networks - IT for Medical Services Metro Networks - IT for Medical Services

The Federal Government has enacted legislation requiring EMRs, (Electronic Medical Records) by 2015.

The government has provided incentives and penalties to promote EMR.  The incentives can be up to $44,000 per physician under Medicare or up to $65,000 over 6 years under Medicaid.  Doctors who continue to use paper records will see their fee schedule reduced 1% per year for three years and 5% per year beginning the fourth year.

Metro’s IT Consultant team can assist any medical office to become compliant with all the current government regulations. All solutions, before implementation, will be reviewed for HIPAA compliance.

Metro’s team can remove the burdens and frustrations of IT compliance and service from your medical staff. Your first concern should be your patients, staff and education.

Our document-imaging program can make your office run at optimum performance.  Away from your office, you can retrieve any medical records from your office on any mobile device.

Appropriate technology and service will save time and increase profits. It will also reduce the chance of someone making a mistake!

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