Most people think that New Year resolutions revolve around the gym, healthy eating, or saving more money. Have you ever considered a New Year’s resolution of keeping your identity safe? Your computers threat free? or Your small business secure from Cybercriminals?

If you haven’t, it is time you start. Most of us today use the internet for essentially every facet of our lives, from communicating with family & friends, secular activities, to shopping for the house or tonight’s dinner. If a criminal finds his way into your life through the most utilized tool today, you or your business will be monetarily debilitated. Always remember, if you are online, you ARE vulnerable.

Cyber Attack projection for 2018, they will significantly increase. 2018 attacks will come in a variety of tech-savvy ways. Cybercriminals will use phishing, social engineering, spear phishing, and the old faithful, Ransomware. Mr. Frier said that companies should expect to be a target next year, even if they have nothing ” worth stealing.” (Stu Sjouwerman)

Last year, there was a 36 % increase in Ransomware attacks. (John Mason, 2017) However, that is a substantial jump from 2015. That is approximately 4,000 attacks per day according to the FBI.  Those statistics can be scary if you are unprotected. Protect yourself, and don’t allow cyber bullies to scare you!

Metro Networks will protect your company. We provide a simple and flexible system with secure backup and storage for disaster relief. Our real-time monitoring allows us to detect any threats or issues promptly as they surface. Due to Metro’s advanced computer software not only are we able to detect criminal activity, but terminate it before they wreak havoc on your company.

Reduce Risk & Damage by:

  • Implement Backups

  • Enable Software updates

  • Utilize good security protocol

Metro offers free assessments that will allow us to determine your IT solutions. Contact us today for your free assessment at 559-492-5985 or email us at