Be Proactive With Your IT!

If you are a business owner or manager, we strongly suggest that you become proactive with your IT, rather than reactive.  All too often we receive phone calls from businesses saying something along the lines of “help! We have an IT emergency!”  Whether you have just a single work station down or your entire network crashes, IT emergencies cost you money; not only to fix the problem, but more importantly the money you are losing due to unnecessary down-time.

To be reactive with your IT means that you leave yourself unprepared and vulnerable to anything and everything that can go wrong.  Reactive IT means that you basically setup your work station(s) and/or network, cross your fingers and hope all goes well.  Then when something happens, you switch to panic mode until you can get an IT technician out to your facility to fix whatever went wrong.  Not only do you lose money because of down-time, but you are also losing money by paying an IT technician to assess the problem before they can fix it.

To be proactive with your IT means that even though you hope for the best, you prepare for the worst.  It means that you plan for the inevitable issues that every business has with their IT.  It means that you take preventative measures to ensure that your network runs optimally, with little-to-no down time.  The best way to be proactive with your IT is to have a professional IT company setup your network and provide continuous monitoring services around the clock.

Being proactive with your IT saves you time and money because:

  1. We can often catch would-be IT problems before they occur
  2. When problems do occur we can fix them remotely
  3. Since we are continuously monitoring your network, we can quickly assess IT problems – thus fixing them a lot faster

For more information on how to set your business up to be Proactive with your IT contact Metro Networks today for a free business analysis.

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