Be More Efficient in Your Office or Small Business With Faster WiFi

It seems that everywhere you go nowadays, there is free Wi-Fi. From the bar, to the coffee shop to the waiting area of the emergency room, no one can stand the thought of going  five minutes without letting everyone know where they are, who they are with and how they feel about the person they are with. If a service business wants to stay competitive they have to offer some kind of Wi-Fi service to their customers. Many companies use Wi-Fi in the office.

The technology is amazing all by itself.  You can access the internet in any room of a facility. You can go outside to work, or your entire company can sit in a boardroom and work on your computers at the same time and you can get work done from anywhere in the world. But for some people, just plain old Wi-Fi isn’t good enough. Some people want Wi-Fi to be even faster, so they won’t have to watch that video in standard definition or wait an entire minute to get that Email. Fortunately, there is Business grade WI-Fi and there are many benefits to having it.

Employee Satisfaction

Okay, offering free Wi-Fi to employees might cause some employees to sneak off to the parking lot to steal that extra ten minutes of D and D play. However, some companies have discovered that letting employee’s sit where they want to when they work actually increases productivity. Google lets employees work from anywhere they want on the company’s campus even the nap pods.

You may want to let people do this in your office to see if you get the same results as Google.  Just make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer around in case the bathroom is someone’s happy place.

It can keep your customers coming back.

If you own a restaurant or coffee house, you want customers to think of your establishment as a fun, stress free place to hang out. Nothing is more vexing than the internet going out while someone is in the middle of posting a picture of food they are eating at your restaurant. If they are coming there to get some work done, they are more likely to come back and bring their friends if everything went smoothly with the free Wi-Fi.

If you own a hotel or bed and breakfast, high speed Wi-Fi can be critical to the success of your business. Most people won’t stay in a hotel that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi.  Be sure that the internet is easy to access and provide them with a password when they check in. You will want to have the best provider and a good  IT service on hand to ensure that the service is fixed quickly if it every goes out.

If you do use W-Fi for business and you work in a place where employees and customers share the internet, make sure to set up two passwords one for employees and one for customers.

Although it may be expensive initially, business grade Wi-Fi can pay for itself in the end.  If you need assistance in selecting a provider or maintaining your Wi-Fi service turn to  Metro Networks. We can provide you with full IT services. Feel free to call our IT Specialist for an estimate at 559-492-5985.

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