4 Must Know Tips To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

4 Must Know Tips To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

You are always on the go, flying from one city to the next looking for that next big deal. You’ve got a great career, good pay and friends around the globe, but there is one thing missing in your life; an electrical outlet. You do all of your work on a laptop and the laptops battery keeps dying. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make your battery last longer.

Disable Unused Devices

If you are not using a device that is connected to your laptop, turning that device off is an excellent way to save on power. Disconnecting peripherals such as an external keyboard or a mouse can save battery power. If your laptop has an optical disc drive, turning it off can definitely help save energy.

If you like to listen to the radio when you work, you may want to buy an actual radio or IPod. Devices such as Bluetooth Radio can wear down your battery. If you are working offline you may want to turn off the Wi-Fi until you need to use it again.

If you want to disable devices on Windows based system, open the system’s control panel and go to the device manager. Once you are on the device manager you can select which things you want to disable.

Use one application at a time

It is a good idea to perform one task at a time to save on the life of your battery. If at all possible, turn off the web when you are writing a report on Word. You may want to reconsider writing reports or making spreadsheets while binge watching your favorite web series as this may cause your battery to run out.

Keep it clean

A dirty battery is a slow battery. If your laptop has a removable battery you will want to make sure to keep the battery contacts clean. When contacts get dirty, they can disrupt the flow of power to the computer. Contacts can be cleaned with a cloth or cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

If your battery contacts have not been cleaned for a while and they are damaged, you may need to take them in for a repair. Getting damaged battery contacts repaired is well worth the money as it can save you from having to replace the battery in the long run.

Take the battery out when you are not using it

Once you do make it back home or to your hotel, where there is an outlet for your laptop you may want to remove the battery until you need it again. When you use your laptop as a desktop you do not need the battery and you may waste battery cycles by leaving it plugged in all the time.

Many PC batteries will only last a year or so if you do not conserve them wisely. A short lived battery is one way of getting you back into the store to buy a new PC when you don’t really need one.

Conserving your battery and working with a good IT company can make your laptop work better and last longer. Metro’s IT Consultant team can assist you with optimizing your business’ laptops.   Call us today for a free network assessment our number is, 559-492-5985.

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