10 ways to optimize your Smart Phone

So you just got a new Smart Phone and you want to make the very most of your purchase. Optimizing your smartphone can be a daunting task, given all the options there are nowadays. When used correctly the Smart Phone can help your organize your life, share your memories, do your banking and save important documents. Here are 10 ways to make the most of your Smart Phone.

Remove unused apps:

Do you use all the apps on your phone? Do you really need that trivia game you played once? Now that you’ve met that special someone do you really need Tinder? Some applications are factory installs, but the rest have probably been accumulated over time. Each app takes internal memory on your phone and the less memory you have, the slower your phone will run. We suggest sifting through your applications and getting rid of any of the ones that are seldom used.

Clean your caches:

Cleaning caches is very important to making memory available on your phone and keeping everything running smoothly. You can go into each of your apps and clean the caches individually. If you don’t feel like doing the cleaning yourself you can get an app to cleanup you apps. You want to make sure to get a cleaner that will not use too much memory or add viruses and malware. You may want to try Clean Master which is a free app that not only cleans your caches but ­

has a device cooler that kills the apps that are damaging your battery. Another good cleaner is History Eraser which protects your privacy by letting you erase text messages, Google searches browsing history and more with a single tap. History Eraser comes in two different versions one that is free and displays ads and one for a one-time fee of $1.99 that is advertisement free.

Get rid of your live wallpaper:

Live wall paper is fun thing to have on your phone and lets your friends know you are a hip and whimsical character. However it slows down your phone quite a bit. In fact, there are two ways that they can kill your battery by causing your display to have to light up bright images, or by constantly using your phone’s processor. Many live wallpapers are very hard on CPU usage. There are so many live wallpapers out there that it may be hard to determine which ones are the biggest threats.

Link Your Phone To The Cloud:

While we are on the subject of making space on your smartphone, let’s discuss the Cloud! The Cloud makes storing content easy so that you can leave the phone memory free to use for other things. There are a few services to look into such as Google Drive which allows you to store large files, send them to your colleges and access all of your information with a built in search engine. You may also want to check out similar links such as SugarSync, Certain Safe, Code 42, Dropbox and Hightail.

Use a good personal assistant app

A really good personal assistant app can help you organize your bills, your meals and every moment of your day. It is definitely a must for getting the very most out of your Smart Phone, There are many assistant apps to choose from. According to the Tech Times, Google Now and 24me are the best personal assistant apps. Google Now organizes everything from you music, to your meetings, to your social calendar. 24me is great for the forgetful Smart Phone owner, as it reminds you of everything with an alarm. It also combines a calendar, to-do lists and notes all in one app.

Fix your Autobrightness:

Display use is almost always the single biggest consumer of battery especially with the large bright screens there are nowadays. You may want to check out an app called Lux which allows you to easily calibrate your phone’s brightness sensor and saves you battery power. For example, If you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your screen.

Reduce your bandwidth on Chrome

Using too much bandwith can slow down your browser and make your phone run much slower. If you want to use less bandwidth you can open up the Chrome menu and select settings, go to Bandwidth management and select “Reduce data usage.” This will reduce the amount of data that gets downloaded when you visit a webpage and make your phone run faster.

Store Apps on an SD card

Chances are your apps are cluttering your phone and making it slower. You can avoid this problem if you store your apps on a storage data card, which is inserted into a corresponding device socket on your phone and used for data storage and transmission.

Upgrade your keyboard

If your fingers are too chubby or clumsy for the keyboard your phone came with, fear not you can get a third party keyboard. Swype is a keyboard that pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from one device to another. If your keyboard is okay, but you just can’t Emoji fast enough you may want to try Touchpal, which is an all Emoji keyboard.

Optimize your E-mails

If you are using your cell phone for business you will want to make sure that your emails look professional no matter what type of device they are received upon. You can achieve this by using responsive email templates which are designed to automatically fit the screen on which they’re being viewed, so your email will look the way you want it to, no matter what type of device it is viewed upon. You should also use buttons in your emails instead of links as they are easier to press.


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