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Document Imaging

Document imaging can save businesses thousands of dollars by replacing their antiquated filing system of folders, cabinets, and paper.

metro-networks-document-imaging-law-firmOne LAW FIRM…

Eliminated more than 50 file cabinets.  Rather than wasting time searching for files or documents, they can be retrieved in seconds on any computer or mobile device at any time from any place.

metro-networks-document-imaging-auto-dealershipAn AUTO DEALERSHIP…

Cut paper costs by 50% and became more efficient in electronically storing repair orders in all their numerous dealerships.  The company has benefitted from improvements in customer service.

metro-networks-document-imaging-truck-beverage-distributorsA BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTOR…

Reduced storage supplies and improved document retrieval in 1/6 the time.

metro-networks-document-imaging-constructionA CONSTRUCTION company…

Improved document retrieval time from an average time of 25 minutes to less than 10 seconds.

metro-networks-document-imaging-medical-groupA MEDICAL GROUP…

Improved operations company-wide by eliminating off-site storage, thus reduced almost 90% of manual processing resulting in an annual savings of $80,000.

metro-networks-partners-square-9These are only a few examples of the enormous benefits of document imaging.

Metro is an authorized partner with Square 9: an award-winning software specializing in document imaging. The next time you have to search for a document, imagine retrieving it within a few seconds from your computer or phone from anywhere in the world! We can install, train, and maintain Square 9 for your business. It will reduce both your company’s physical footprint and your staffing needs while increasing your productivity and profits.

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